Meet Port Orchard FC Supporters Liaison Aaron Banks

PORT ORCHARD, WA—It takes a fan to know a fan. It’s even better if that fan has been in the neighborhood his entire life! Port Orchard Football Club would like you to meet Aaron Banks, our Supporters Liaison. You can visit with Aaron on our Facebook Group Page.

Aaron has lived in Port Orchard all of his life. He is a Seattle Sounders supporter and member of the West Sound Armada. He’s just the guy to help us celebrate the birth of POFC. He’s also the man to turn to as we introduce the FOUNDERS CIRCLE. Stay tuned for that in the coming days.

Aaron will help Port Orchard FC connect and maintain open dialogue with Kitsap area soccer fans who engage in matches as supporters. The folks who chant, sing, make noise and stand behind their boys for 90+ minutes.

It’s Up To The Fans

POFC is a brand new outfit. Support for the club must and will happen organically and out of a desire, passion and love for where we live. It’s up to fans to make it happen. But POFC is ready to listen and embrace, and Aaron is a guy the club will turn to in encouraging that process.

Did Aaron ever think he’d have a Port Orchard team to support on the pitch? “Maybe in my dreams!” he says with a smile.

Banks understands the power of support. “Anyone who has ever played a game knows how much it means to have someone cheering for you. Even if it’s just one person in the stands rooting for you. I can imagine our boys being pretty proud having a supporters section cheering them on the first game.”


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