Port Orchard Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta Serves Up POFC Partnership

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard Football Club is excited to announce that Port Orchard Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta has joined as partners and will have their logo on the left sleeve of our first-ever kits.

The 2023-24 POFC sleeve sponsorships are now sold-out as Port Orchard Spiro’s joins Bremerton City Nursery on the club jerseys. Spiro’s will now coordinate with Levo Soccer on the sleeve design.

Port Orchard Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta (1640 Jackson Avenue) opened June 30, 1987. Bill and Wendy Lougheed (brother and sister) remain the same owners to this day. Spiro’s has been run by the two of them with the help of their sister Michelle, nephew Zach, Bill’s children James and Erik, and Bill’s wife Kathy.

Tyler Brown (center front) and some of the crew at Port Orchard Spiro’s.

Tyler Brown knows the Lougheeds like family. He’s a manager at Spiro’s and also a board member at South Kitsap Soccer Club. “This June will be their 36th anniversary of being in business, which, as you may know is quite a rare thing for this town,” says Brown. “June will also be my 20th anniversary as an employee of Spiro’s, which is also a pretty crazy thing. Definitely a well run business by an incredible family.”


CONCEPT ONLY: How the Port Orchard Spiro’s logo might look on the POFC left sleeve.

“Bill and Wendy have employed many students from South Kitsap High School over the 36 years, including myself, who started as a busser at the age of 17,” Brown recalls. “They support the Port Orchard community constantly through donations and all kinds of things. Port Orchard Spiro’s managed to not only survive through covid lockdowns, but actually thrive. And seemingly gained quite a bit more of a following during that time. Spiro’s is definitely a major staple in the Port Orchard community. And will continue to be.”

In an official statement from Port Orchard Spiro’s the restaurant says: “We are beyond thrilled to be able to be a part of POFC and we hope to watch it grow and grow into something very special for our town. Supporting community growth and partnerships is something we have always loved to do, and we look forward to many years of working with POFC! Few things go together as well as pizza and soccer!”

Port Orchard FC will be about people and community. The new club have some great role models to emulate. “I honestly could go on for days talking about the family that owns Spiros,” Tyler says. “They’ve kept me employed for half of my life, helped me in many ways over the years through good times and bad, would constantly go out of their way for me, letting me use their vehicles, etc. They truly are a special group of people with huge hearts. They have so much support from the community, and are always happy to give some back.”


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