The Original POFC Provides History And Context

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard Football Club is getting ready for its first ever season in the Cascadia Premier League (CPL) but there was another POFC back in 2014-15 that also took the pitch under the same name. Bryan Weathington and Eli Chastain were part of that team and 8 years later are invested in the new version as well.

We met both guys recently at the same Marcus Whitman Jr. High fields in Orchard Heights where the original team used to train. See our interview in the video below!

The previous POFC competed one season in the Greater Seattle Soccer League (GSSL) Second Division. All matches were played over in Seattle and the guys would take a boat across or drive around. Bryan and Eli are fuzzy on memory of any match details. They loved being able to compete and wore uniforms provided by the Oly-Pen Force. The Original Facebook Page still exists.

The fields at ‘Marcus’ and the guys of the original POFC, 2014-15.

Knowing there was a previous team provides both history and context for the “new” Port Orchard FC. There have always been guys here who want to compete. Some of the players from that squad will challenge to earn a spot on POFC 2023.

This time the club has its own logo, unique “Port Orchard” branding, will play regional league home matches in the City of Port Orchard, and already has 208+ season tickets sold.

It’s the same town and sport, but it is also a whole new ballgame.

Bryan Weathington (left) and Eli Chastain were part of the original POFC and are looking forward to the new club in 2023.


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