Making The Port Orchard FC Crest

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard Football Club is already displaying teamwork behind the scenes. The official club crest (logo) was developed with input from people from Port Orchard and around Kitsap County.

Port Orchard is a diverse, beautiful place where you can be off-road biking in Banner Forest one minute and then kayaking in Sinclair Inlet the next. There is movement in the waves lapping up against the many piers and the eye rises to steep hills climbing above the historic downtown. Everywhere, everywhere are the giant Douglas Fir trees.

A color palate for Port Orchard would almost certainly include green, one would think. Instead, the POFC official colors include a bold blend in the main choice, nicknamed “Port Shade.” The official hex code for the color is #05abc4. Port Shade is both blue and green, with the blue tint pushing the tone closer to aqua. It’s a combination honoring both the marina and the forests.

Accent colors include black, “Beach Cloud” (#a9a9a9) and “Sidney Mist” (#b6ccd7.)

If this seems like a lot of effort and detail to put into the crest of a local men’s soccer team, well…it is. But POFC wants to be that and more. We’d love for our banner to also be a banner for the place we call home.


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