Peninsula Beverage Co. Sponsors Port Orchard FC Jersey

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard FC is pleased to announce that local business Peninsula Beverage Company will appear on the back of the club’s first-ever jerseys as part of a new partnership between the Cascadia Premier League team and the Downtown Port Orchard restaurant and pub. Their logo will rest just beneath the player numbers. Put another way, they have your backs, Port Orchard!

“The enthusiasm that we were met with from day one makes me excited to partner with such a prominent and ever growing Port Orchard establishment like Peninsula Beverage Company,” says POFC General Manager Sam Ironside. “I am looking forward to working with them throughout the season.”

Local Dream Grows

In a 2019 article in the Kitsap Daily News, Peninsula Beverage Company Co-owner Cody Morgan talked about bringing his craft beer dream to reality. “I remember having this kind of nervous, excited feeling you get when you think, ‘Should I do this? Should I not?’ I’ve always felt like when you have an opportunity, you have to go for it.”

After taking over a larger space, they have built a loyal and growing following. Four years later Peninsula Bevarge Company is a PO tradition and continues to add more specialty beers and food offerings. Recently they started serving breakfast.

No doubt Port Orchard FC’s adult fans will visit the 21+ establishment before and after matches to talk soccer and enjoy the impressive list of drink options and food choices.

POFC Supporters Liaison Aaron Banks is already a regular. “This is awesome news! PBC has quickly become a PO institution,” he says. “Besides, think how cool the logo is going to look on our kit!”


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