Sidney City Supporters Building Backing Behind Port Orchard FC

PORT ORCHARD, WA—There was a time when the city of Port Orchard went by the name “Sidney.” The name change happened in 1903.

A mere 120 years later Port Orchard Football Club was founded and it makes perfect sense then that when a group of locals founded a supporters group right alongside POFC they adopted “Sidney” in the name.

It’s a wink to the “Emerald City Supporters” of the Seattle Sounders, but with a nod to Kitsap history. Hello, Sidney City Supporters! (SCS.)

The Sidney City Supporters logo features POFC colors and City Hall. It was designed by Steven Detweiler.

The SCS is a growing group of West Sound Armada Sounders supporters and locals just wanting to support something new in Kitsap. The Capo is none other than POFC Supporters Liaison Aaron Banks. He’s the guy with the megaphone leading marches, chants and singing.

The Sidney City Supporters are already making an impact in the community and on match day. They supported the club at the April 30 Meet & Greet at El Sombrero Mexican Family Restaurant where Banks was presented the first-ever POFC logo flag.

They are leading chants and cheers inside Kitsap Bank Stadium and have done two marches to the match from various starting points and routes.

The group welcomes new members and they usually have a table set up at matches to greet new fans and give out information.

It’s just a $5 fee to join the SCS and this gives you some initial swag: a SCS logo keychain. You can request to join the private Facebook group of the SCS. So far 42 people have already done so.


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