Building Port Orchard Football Club

We will provide a place for elite level adult players to compete regionally.

We will be a rallying point for our players, families, communities, and businesses.

We will honor the history of soccer in our area even as we make our own.

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard Football Club will come to life from the efforts of local soccer fans, players, coaches and community. The joy and challenge of starting a premier adult soccer club comes in part from finding the right people at the right time and nurturing the process of putting all of the pieces together. The anticipation builds until a group of players with the POFC crest actually take the pitch for the very first time.

Let’s take a look at how POFC will take root in Port Orchard. This article will break down three main areas of focus: Organization, Soccer and Community. Each area is of equal importance. One of the fun things to watch in establishing the club will be to see which area naturally “takes off” first. Every club and every county is different. How will it all play out for POFC?


Organizing ChecklistVolunteer Talent (Email Us)
Club CoordinatorDavid Falk
Profit, Non Profit or 501.c3?Someone familiar with establishing non profit organizations can help POFC decide which paperwork to file
Club StructureRelated to above, some non profit businesses have specific structures (Board of Directors, Governor, Treasurer, etc.)
RepresentationThe Organization, the “Soccer side” and the Community should all have positions of influence in the structure

One of the early tasks will be to organize the POFC structure. A mission statement will be very helpful here. The idea behind the club is to be a non-profit entity that engages Port Orchard and Greater West Sound soccer players, coaches and fans. The details include decisions in regards to government paperwork and tax identification. In Washington you can be granted “Non Profit” status. For Federal purposes, applying for a 501.c3 designation as a “Non Profit Charity” has its advantages.


Soccer ChecklistVolunteer Talent (Email Us)
Head CoachPatrick Leonard
AssistantsSam Gomez, Mark Nowak
General ManagerSam Ironside
Assistant GMTyler Brown
PlayersPremier adult players who excelled in high school soccer or elite club soccer, are headed to college soccer programs, currently competing in college, or with previous college, semi-pro or pro experience.
LeagueCascadia Premier League
Match DayTicket sales, vendors, equipment managers, announcers, etc.

Soccer will be the binding agent that brings Port Orchard together under the POFC crest. It’s where the fun happens at practice, on the pitch at matches, and on the sidelines. Port Orchard FC will reflect and represent the top talent in our region. Together we will build out a competitive side and an elite adult soccer community.


Community ChecklistVolunteer Talent (Email Us)
Supporters CoordinatorAaron Banks
Business CoordinatorSomeone who enjoys keeping track of local businesses and shops and can connect those places with POFC
PartnersPeople, families, businesses, local officials who will help POFC with exposure, support and financial donations
VenuesPOFC will look for practice and match venues which are both affordable and are located in supportive communities
FansPeople who will attend home matches, follow the club online, get to know the players, frequent businesses that donate to the club, build the POFC community

The community will decide together how quickly POFC takes root and how tall and strong we grow. Clubs have their own unique timelines and growth patterns. Many people and many divergent talents will come together to make it all work. That’s the anticipation, joy and payoff of the movement.

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