Sam Ironside Named General Manager Of POFC

PORT ORCHARD, WA—Port Orchard Football Club (POFC) is pleased to announce that Sam Ironside has accepted the role of General Manager for the new Cascadia Premier League (CPL) club.

Sam is already at work behind the scenes connecting with businesses as potential sponsors and setting up the POFC social media platforms. “I lept at the chance to be involved in POFC because Kitsap deserves local soccer of a high level,” Ironside says. You can connect with Sam using our contact page or his club email

Many POFC supporters have already interacted with Sam online or vial email during the recent highly successful “Founders Circle” campaign.

Building Port Orchard FC

“My plan as General Manager is to make Pat Leonard’s (Head Coach) and David Falk’s (Club Coordinator) jobs as easy as possible. I plan to utilize my skills and experiences to establish community partners and links to local businesses and build the club in the Port Orchard area. During the season I plan to aid with the day-to-day administration of the club, registration, etc. and developing and maintaining a positive relationship with the CPL.”

Ironside has a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Spanish including a year abroad from the University of Hertfordshire. He was born in Cuckfield, England, and moved to the US in 2015 “to marry my best friend and pursue a career in soccer and to utilize my degree.”

Someone forms a temporary rock sculpture on Beach Drive just outside of Port Orchard.

Chelsea Blues And A Footballing Life

The game is an integral part of Ironside’s life. “I have been a lifelong soccer fan and an avid follower of Chelsea Football Club,” he declares, “and have been actively involved in soccer probably since I was able to walk. Throughout my life, my love for soccer has continued to grow whether it be as a player, coaching in 3 different countries or as a fan.”

Flags fly at the Port Orchard Marina in Downtown PO.

For The Community

“We are very fortunate to have Sam on board,” says POFC Coordinator David Falk. “Sam loves the sport and has local connections due to his work with the YMCA.”

“The chance to be a part of Port Orchard FC in any capacity is a dream for me,” Ironside says. “I grew up and gained a love for soccer from watching games of all levels and want the same for my family and future generations.”

Ironside has been intergral in connecting POFC with crucial sponsorships from Bremerton City Nursery, Spiro’s Pizza and Pasta, El Sombrero Family Mexican Restaurant and Peninsula Beverage Co.


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